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Department of Psychology

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Master of Arts


The purpose of this study was to determine if training in self-management principles would enhance the transfer of training in leadership skills to the work setting. Managers, supervisors, and group leaders of a small manufacturing company served as the participants for the study. Two training groups were formed, one which received training in leadership skills only and another which received training in leadership skills and self-management. Prior to and after training all participants completed a learning measure and were rated by subordinates, peers, and/or supervisors on the demonstration of leadership skills on the job. Results showed that training significantly increased participants' learning measure scores for those skills taught in the training modules. Leadership-training-only participants received significantly better behavioral ratings than self-management participants, although this difference was deemed to be practically nonsignificant. The results suggest that participants gained a better understanding of leadership skills through the leadership training modules. However, participants did not significantly increase their application of those skills on the job, and self-management did not serve to enhance the transfer of training.


Industrial and Organizational Psychology