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Department of Psychology

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Master of Arts


The expectations of a church for its minister are broad and difficult to define. These expectations are perhaps most intently examined when the church is seeking to replace a minister. It is during this time that the church may attempt to measure in some way the expectations of the congregation. These expectations may be studied from different perspectives, ranging from the effectiveness of the minister to the leadership style of the minister. This research examined the Ministerial Emphasis Survey which was used by a mainline, Protestant denomination during an actual minister search. The study included participants from the congregation, the applicants, and the persons who were used as references by the applicants. The survey was examined for internal consistency as measured by coefficient alpha and factor arrangement by a principle components exploratory factor analysis. Although the instrument did not yield satisfactory consistency or factor structure, similarities and differences across the three groups of participants provide information helpful to churches involved in a ministerial search. Items were also examined with suggestions for future modifications to the instrument.


Psychology | Religion