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Master of Science


The purpose of this research was to determine whether personal health assessments would increase Personal Health 100 students' health knowledge and healthy behaviors. This research is important because of the objectives set by Healthy People 2000 to promote health and because of the need for comprehensive school health education programs. By focusing on health promotion in the school setting, more effective preventive programs can be devised. The factors investigated included health knowledge and the following health behaviors: exercise, alcohol consumption, use of tobacco, sleep, breakfast, sexual activity, and seatbelt use. These factors were chosen based on a longevity theory. Data were collected for this study in the spring semester 1996 at Western Kentucky University. The responses from 244 undergraduate students were collected using the HKI (Health Knowledge Inventory) and a behavioral assessment. The data were analyzed using an analysis of covariance and a chi- square analysis. None of the factors^ were found to be significantly affected by the personal health assessments. The results revealed that the methods to increase health knowledge and healthy behaviors had no short-term effects on the undergraduate students.


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