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Master of Science


The increase in preventable diseases in many parts of Africa is becoming quite a concern for the African community as well as for epidemiologists all over the world. There is a general consensus among African epidemiologists that a lack of health education and traditional cultures contribute to this trend. The purpose of this thesis is to report the results of a survey of health knowledge among college students in the southern region of Nigeria, specifically, in Enugu and it's surrounding environ. First year students at the two universities in this region completed the health knowledge inventory (HKI). These students were enrolled in classes in general education-- which covers topics ranging from history, geography, and government, to personal hygiene. The HKI was utilized in measuring the health knowledge of these students. The result of the survey indicates a need for improvement in the health knowledge of Nigeria students. The Nigerian students scored lower than a large sample of American college students on human sexuality, chronic disease, communicable disease and mental health subscales. On the rest of the subscales the students' scores were above average. The results from this survey may be relevant in the development of health care programs for the area.


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