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Department of Psychology

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Education Specialist


This study was conducted to determine the extent to which the transdisciplinary teaming approach is being utilized in early intervention programs serving infants and toddlers birth through three years in the state of Kentucky. Information was gathered through a survey mailed to intervention agencies in Kentucky. Of the 65 agencies to whom surveys were sent, 30 were considered usable and analyzed. The largest percentage of surveys were completed by respondents working in a coordinator's position with an educational level of at least a bachelor's degree. Results of the study indicated that programs are not fully utilizing the transdisciplinary teaming model in their service delivery. The majority of respondents perceived their programs to be operating under an interdisciplinary teaming approach; however, analysis of early intervention activities indicated that many respondents had misidentified their programs' teaming model. While it appeared that programs identified as using transdisciplinary teaming methods were operating in a transdisciplinary manner, a Chi-square analysis did not indicate any systematic relationships regarding how the participants responded (p > .05). Survey responses indicated that many participants were dissatisfied with their programs' current teaming practices and desired changes, especially in the areas of assessment techniques and communication between the involved disciplines. The majority of respondents perceived the desired changes could be best achieved by moving to a more integrated teaming approach (e.g., from the interdisciplinary model to the transdisciplinary model). Further education and additional training were also indicated to be important in achieving the changes.


Education | Psychology