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Department of Kinesiology, Recreation and Sport

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Master of Arts


There has always been a great deal of interest in the measurement of playing ability in team games and many researchers concerned with physical education have made efforts to measure individual aspects of games in relation to the total game situation. However, any objective measurement of skill in a team game will present difficulties, for in many instances the final battery of tests bears little resemblance to the game situation. Games are usually broken down into a number of component parts for the purpose of testing, but the sum of these parts seldom adds up to the total game. Tests to predict basketball playing ability have been used by researchers in the United States of America but they have varied considerably in content and design. This has occurred because researchers are seemingly not of the same opinion as to what are the most important "core-elements" of the game. Therefore, it is believed that there is a need to determine what are the main constituents of the game of basketball, as well as to use these criteria in a battery of tests which could predict basketball playing ability.


Sports Sciences