An Adventure to the Roof of the World


WKU Libraries professor and web coordinator Haiwang Yuan gave a presentation on his research trip to Tibet and Gannan Prefecture, a Tibetan habitat to the northeast of Tibet Autonomous Region. He took the audience with him on a virtual trip through his multimedia presentation while exposing them to a brief knowledge of the history, religion, and peculiar customs of the Tibetans. His trip was funded by the WKU RCAP grant. As a result of the trip, he wrote a book on Tibetan folktales. It's quick completion was helped by his fall 2013 sabbatical leave. The book is set to be published in spring 2014 by ABC-CLIO, one of U.S.'s major publishers.


Asian Studies | Chinese Studies | East Asian Languages and Societies | Folklore | History of Religions of Eastern Origins | Human Geography | Social and Cultural Anthropology