The Magic, Mystery and Misfortune of Modern Kenya


WKU Biologist Nancy Rice talked about “The Magic, Mystery, and Misfortune of Modern Kenya” in WKU Libraries’ Far Away Places series on Thursday, February 22 at Barnes & Noble Bookstore.

Nany Rice is a Professor in the Department of Biology at Western Kentucky University where she teaches advanced cell biology, the molecular basis of cancer, and medicine in Kenya. A WKU alumna she received her Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Tennessee at Memphis and had postdoctoral experiences at the University of Tokyo and the University of Colorado. Her research interest is biomedical and focuses on using molecular and cellular techniques to investigate the genetic and cellular mechanisms for debilitating diseases.

Her current grant-funded research involves the study of molecular mechanisms which lead to the high prevalence of hypertension in rural Kenya. It involves a community-based participatory Study that assesses six villages in Kasiagu, Kenya with regard to the prevalence and current management of hypertension as well as the frequency of common environmental risk behaviors associated with it.


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