Georgia Powers: A Grassroots Civil Rights Leader in Kentucky


The podcast has been created by Haiwang Yuan.


Anne Onyekwuluje, Associate Professor of Sociology at WKU, spoke about her book titled Georgia Powers: A Grassroots Civil Rights Leader in Kentucky on Thursday, February 9 at Barnes & Noble Booksellers. Former Senator Powers was present at the event. She spoke to the audience and answered their questions. The event concluded with a book signing by both speakers.

Elected in 1966, Senator Powers was the first woman and the first African-American to serve in the Kentucky Senate. She refused to be defined by labels, sponsored a number of important pieces of legislation during her 21 years of service, and had an enormous and continuing effect on Kentucky society. Onyekwuluje will be discussing her new biography of the Senator, Historical Influence: Reading Georgia Powers as a Grassroots Civil Rights Leader in the Rough Business of Kentucky Politics.


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