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Date Built - 1969
Dedication - Oct. 10, 1970
Cost of Construction -
Architects - Frank Cain

Namesakes: Lee Francis Jones who oversaw the WKU Department of Education from 1931-1958 and Craddock Jaggers, director of WKU Training School between 1938 and 1956 and as head of the Department of Psychology from 1956 until his retirement in 1960.

Lee Francis Jones, a native of Platteville, Wisconsin was born in 1885. He joined the faculty of WKU in 1930 and named head of the Department of Education in 1931. Jones was a World War I veteran and received his education at Illinois State University, University of Washington and University of Wisconsin. He taught in rural Washington schools prior to coming to WKU. Dr. Jones died in 1970 shortly after the building was named for him.

The naming of the building was approved by the Board of Regents on August 22, 1969.

History: The school opened in the fall of 1970.

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