The Kentucky Museum, on WKU's campus, houses history, arts & culture, with an outstanding quilt and textile collection, extensive archeological and ethnic holdings, also fine and decorative arts.

Library Special Collections (DLSC) is dedicated to the preservation and appreciation of Kentucky's cultural heritage. It also strives to conserve other rare materials which may enrich original scholarly research efforts. The unit is made up of Kentucky Library Research Collections, Manuscripts & Folklife Archives and WKU Archives.

Changing galleries display a variety of themes, with community exhibitions, university-class designed and installed exhibitions. Companion online exhibits are created in order to capture and share those exhibition experiences.

The complementary resources and services of all areas provide researchers, scholars, and visitors with broad-based overview of Kentucky's history, culture, and people.


Browse the Online Exhibits ~ Kentucky Museum / Library Special Collections Collections:

2016 Exhibits

2015: Cherry Statue Time Capsule

2011: Finding Our Way: Maps & Mapmaking

2010: Playing Our Song: Southern Kentucky Notes

2008: Get on the Bus: Forty Years of Political Activism 1968-2008