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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news.

Regular features include:

  • Looking Backward
  • Hilltopics
  • Kentucky Building News
  • Alumni News
  • Library Notes
  • Faculty Notes
  • Musical Notes
  • Weddings & Engagements
  • Religious News

Articles in this issue:

  • New Student Advisory Council Organized
  • Mrs. Sarah Grahm Joines Library Staff
  • Casting for New Play Completed – Western Players
  • Industrial Arts Seniors Will be Honored
  • Faculty Honors President Kelly Thompson at Banquet
  • Colburn Stuart Appointed Advertising Manager
  • Calendar Printed
  • Robert Siddens Named Field Representative
  • Ray Rodgers Joins Western Trade School Staff
  • Joseph Running Featured in Orchestra Concert
  • Alvin McPherson Gives 186 Warnings – Parking
  • Orchis to Mary Moore
  • A Growing Problem on a Growing Hilltop – Parking
  • Mending Wall – editorial
  • Jim Maples Elected Debate Club President
  • Spradlyn, Betty. Attractive Irish Miss Takes Western Campus by Storm – Elizabeth Reid-Smith
  • President Kelly Thompson Inaugurates New Parking Program
  • Women’s Marine Recruitment Officer Visits Campus
  • Debators Split With Vanderbilt University
  • New Clothes Repeated in Litchfield – Western Players
  • Ewell Scott Re-Elected Arts & Crafts President
  • Harold Helm Elected New York Bank President
  • Attention Called to College Hospitalization Plan
  • James Atchison Heads English Club
  • Western Players See Tea House
  • Rifle Team Begins Season
  • Robert Layman Appointed Vice President of Oakridge Bank


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