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Literary supplement of the College Heights Herald published each semester. It began as a class project for a Problems in Journalism class and was first published in January of 1969. The name is a French term meaning spirit. The goal of L’esprit is to provide, in as proper of a literary style as possible, an outlet for original poems, short stories, pictures and art work by students and faculty at Western Kentucky University.

This issue includes:

  • Matteson, Teri. Memory
  • Boone, Robert. Disarm the Dawn
  • Shields, Marsha. Before the Advent of the Talkies
  • Banks, Nancy. Amount Tendered
  • Whitley, Susan. A Hulk
  • Meluch, Jerry. Roosting
  • Pierson, Don. Foggy
  • Meluch, Jerry. Fear
  • Miller, Jim Wayne. Comments to be Returned with a Sheaf of Poems
  • Ayers, Elaine. After Glow
  • Browning, Jim. Marilyn
  • Tewell, Terry. Night
  • Newbolt, Denise. Orbits
  • Matteson, Teri. Inside
  • Fischer, Hedy. The Café
  • Pierson, Don. All the Pansies
  • Banks, Nancy. How I Wrote a Poem
  • Burnett, Eric. The Wind Sings to Me
  • Oelze, Deborah. Storms
  • Spalding, Cheryl. Untitled
  • Ayers, Elaine. Anesthesia
  • Photos by Carl Krull, Roger Lowen


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