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WKU President Henry Cherry's speeches from Volume 5. Volume 5 also includes articles and poetry by others. This document includes:

A Proposed Bill & Building
American Citizenship
Dedication of Training School Building
Educational Leadership
Effective Advertising and How to Secure It
Kentucky Agriculture
Looking Through A Crack
Matthews, Mrs. H.R. Our Leader
Paragraph: The Rich Man
Paragraphs: Education & Patriotism; A Militant Public Statement
Rodes, H. Clifton. Remarks at Meetin of Warren County Society
Tentative Lease of Ogden College
The Greater Kentucky and the Larger Democracy
The Other Thing
Unknown. Review of Education the Basis of Democracy
Wade, Bailey. H.H. Cherry, A Man with Wonderful Vision
What Kentucky Needs Today
Who Should Enter the Teaching Profession
Withdrawal Notice


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