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Harriet Martineau's Writing on British History and Military Reform, 6 Volumes


Harriet Martineau's Writing on British History and Military Reform, 6 Volumes



This edition of Martineau's history consists primarily of the History of the Peace: Being a History of England from 1816 to 1854, as well as the introductory History of England, AD 1800 to 1815. Martineau's work thus encompasses British history from the turn of the nineteenth century through the Crimean War. Along with extensive annotations, this edition features a comprehensive introduction discussing Martineau's life and work, her role as a historian, her pioneering contributions to the emerging discipline of historiography as well as the work's reception history. Also included in this edition is Martineau's England and Her Soldiers and the unpublished correspondence between Martineau and Florence Nightingale. Published in 1859, England and Her Soldiers records an unusual history - the history of military campaigns and policies effecting soldiers' health, performance and well-being. A life-long advocate of sanitary reform, Martineau responded enthusiastically to Florence Nightingale's request to collaborate on a work promoting reforms in military hygiene.In England and Her Soldiers, Martineau's strong narrative dramatises Nightingale's findings gleaned from the latter's experiences at Scutari Hospital during the Crimean War. The proposed sanitary reforms addressed conditions in the barracks, hospitals and on the field. The edition is complemented by Martineau's leaders on health issues for the Daily News, the Atlantic Monthly and Once a Week which were aimed at generating broader public interest in political and sanitary reforms in the British military, reforms that reflected on the state of the British Empire in the nineteenth century.



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Harriet Martineau's Writing on British History and Military Reform, 6 Volumes