In the fall of 1933 a group of faculty members "who were especially interested in launching a campaign leading to the carving and erection of a statue of President Cherry" began meeting.

A steering committee of sixteen was soon elected consisting of: Chairman J.R. Whitmer, Secretary Mattie McLean, Finley Grise, E.H. Canon, Roy Seward, W.J. Craig, M.C. Ford, L.T. Smith, W.M. Pearce, Kelly Thompson, Margie Helm, West Richards, Sterrett Cuthbertson, Florence Schneider, W.L. Matthews, Arndt Stickles.

The group met from 1933 through 1938 devising a plan, raising money, hiring architect Lorado Taft and distributing excess funds. Class sponsors were chosen for each of the thirty-one WKU classes to solicit donations from their classmates.

Lorado Taft died October 30, 1936 before the statue was cast in bronze. Henry Cherry died August 1, 1937 before the statue was completed. The committee worked with Taft's associates at Bronze Incorporated to have the statue finished. In October the committee assembled documents, photographs and artifacts to be placed in a time capsule in the base of the statue. It was decided to purchase a second box to house duplicates of these items and place it in the Kentucky Museum. This was done during a chapel service November 10 when the base was set and sealed. The statue arrived a few days later and was unveiled November 16, 1937 on what would have been Henry Cherry's 73rd birthday.

The time capsule items you see here are the duplicates that have been stored in the Kentucky Museum. See the Cherry State Committee collection inventory for more information regarding the creation of the statue.

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Our Civic Image & Our Governments

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