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This report regarding the Choctaw Academy was completed and presented to the U.S. House of Representatives by J.C. Spencer, Secretary of War. It includes information regarding the number of students for each year since the opening and amount of money expended annually for their education.

It is made up of the following parts:

  • Letter from J.C. Spencer, Secretary of War to John White, Speaker of the House of Representatives, May 17, 1842
  • Letter from W.B. Lewis, Treasury Dept. to Thomas Crawford, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, May 13, 1842
  • Statement showing the amount expended by the US in support & education of Indian youths at the Choctaw academy, Kentucky, 1825-1841
  • Statement showing the number of Indian youths education at the Choctaw academy, by quarter, 1826-1841
  • Recapitulation showing amount paid in each year, 1825-1842
  • Letter from T. Hartley Crawford, Office of Indian Affairs to J.C. Spencer, Secretary of War, May 16, 1842
  • Letter from T. Hartley Crawford to D. Vanderslice, Choctaw Academy, Kentucky
  • Extract of letter from Commission of Indian Affairs to R.M. Johnson, March 14, 1842
  • Letter from T. Hartley Crawford to Col. P.P. Pitchlynn, March 22, 1842
  • Letter from T. Hartley Crawford to D. Vanderslice, March 22, 1842
  • Letter from T. Hartley Crawford to Maj. Wm. Armstrong, Choctaw Agency, March 24, 1842

The academy included children from the Creek, Pottawatomie, Osage, Miami, Quapaw, Seminoles, Iowa, Sac, Fox, Cherokee, Chickasaw, Ottawa, Chippewa tribes as well as the Choctaw tribe.

Read the entire report here.


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