Volume 10, Issue 4 (2017)

Invited Editorial


Physical Activity and Physical Fitness in Pediatric Obesity: What are the First Steps for Clinicians? Expert Conclusion from the 2016 ECOG Workshop
Grace O´Malley, Susanne Ring-Dimitriou, Paulina Nowicka, Andrea Vania, Marie-Laure Frelut, Nathalie Farpour-Lambert, Daniel Weghuber, and David Thivel

Original Research


Rollers Versus Trainers: 10-Km Time Trial
Wayland Tseh, Tate Devlin, Taylor Milleson, and T V. Barreira


Effects of Nasal or Oral Breathing on Anaerobic Power Output and Metabolic Responses
Christine Recinto, Theodore Efthemeou, P. Tony Boffelli, and James W. Navalta


Differences between the Grab Start and Track Start in Collegiate Swimmers
Alexander S. Dassoff, Naomi R. Forward, and Charlie P. Katica


Correlation between the Functional Movement Screen and Hip Mobility in NCAA Division II Athletes
Matt T. Jenkins, Robert Gustitus, Mike Iosia, Taz Kicklighter, and Yuichi Sasaki


The Effect of Betaine on Nitrate and Cardiovascular Response to Exercise
J. Luke Pryor, Stephen A. Wolf, Gary Sforzo, and Tom Swensen


Effects of 12 weeks of physical training on body composition and physical fitness in military recruits
Leandra C B Campos, Fabio A D Campos, Thiago A R Bezerra, and Idico L. Pellegrinotti


Physiological Characteristics of Projected Starters and Non-Starters in the Field Positions from a Division I Women’s Soccer Team
Fabrice G. Risso, Farzad Jalilvand, Ashley J. Orjalo, Matthew R. Moreno, Deshaun L. Davis, Samantha A. Birmingham-Babauta, John J. Stokes, Alyssa A. Stage, Tricia M. Liu, Dominic V. Giuliano, Adrina Lazar, and Robert G. Lockie


The Effects of Work-to-Rest Ratios on Torque, Electromyographic, and Mechanomyographic Responses to Fatiguing Workbouts
Ethan C. Hill, Terry J. Housh, Cory M. Smith, Kristen C. Cochrane, Nathaniel D.M. Jenkins, Richard J. Schmidt, and Glen O. Johnson


Mathematical Modeling and Expression of Heart Rate Deflection Point Using Heart Rate and Oxygen Consumption
Kayla M. Baker, David H. Fukuda Ph.D., David Church, Michael B. La Monica, Kyle S. Beyer, Jay R. Hoffman, and Jeffrey R. Stout Ph.D.

Technical Note


Mood and Performance Anxiety in High School Basketball Players: A Pilot Study
Steffen J. Hoover, Rachel K. Winter, Holly McCutchan, Christina C. Beaudoin, Lawrence W. Judge, Lani M. Jones, Brianna Leitzlar, and Donald L. Hoover


T. Scott Lyons, PhD, FACSM
University of North Alabama
James W. Navalta, PhD, FACSM
University of Nevada - Las Vegas

Associate Editor-in-Chief

Brian K. McFarlin, PhD, FACSM
University of North Texas

Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Whitley J. Stone, PhD Student
Middle Tennessee State University
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