Volume 12, Issue 3 (2019) Clinical Exercise Physiology, Physical Therapy and Athletic Training

Original Research


Functional Movement Analysis Before and After Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
Alejandro J. Gamboa, Derik R. Craft, Jose A. Matos, Tania S. Flink, and Rebecca L. Mokris


Comparing the Changes in Blood Pressure After Acute Exposure to Tai Chi and Walking.
Stephen A. Maris, Vincent J. Paolone, Christa Winter, and Samuel Headley


Exercise is Medicine®: Knowledge and Awareness among Exercise Science and Medical School Students
Rachel Mealy, Laura Richardson, Brian Miller, Melissa Smith, and Judith A. Juvancic-Heltzel


Effects of Low-Volume Resistance Training on Muscle Strength and Functionality of People with Parkinson’s Disease
Matheus Barbalho, Elren Passos Monteiro, Rochelle Rocha Costa, and Rodolfo Raiol


Educational Brochures Influence Beliefs and Knowledge Regarding Exercise during Pregnancy: A Pilot Study
Madison L. Alvis, Cody E. Morris, Tiana L. Garrard, Abigail G. Hughes, Laura Hunt, Megan M. Koester, India C. Yocum, and Rachel A. Tinius


EEG Responses to Incremental Self-Paced Cycling Exercise in Young and Middle Aged Adults
Rachel M. Maceri, Nicholas P. Cherup, and Nicholas J. Hanson


Hydration Status and Perception of Fluid Loss in Male and Female University Rugby Union Players
Trev Muth, Robert C. Pritchett, Kelly Pritchett, James DePaepe, and Rachael Blank


Comparison of College Student Hypertension Prevalence between the JNC7 and ACC/AHA Diagnostic Criteria
Kadiatu Kamara, Oliver W A Wilson, Zack Papalia, Melissa Bopp, and C M. Bopp


The Impact of Physical Activity and Sleep on Physiology Following a mTBI
Garrett L. Lindsey, Alia Yasen, and Anita Christie


Time-Course of Changes in Physiological, Psychological and Performance markers Following a Functional-Fitness Competition
Ramires Alsamir Tibana, Jonato Prestes, Nuno Frade Sousa, Vinicius C. de Souza, Otávio de Tolêdo Nóbrega, Matheus Baffi, Carlos Ernesto S. Ferreira, Gabriel Veloso Cunha, James W. Navalta, Joice Cristina dos Santos Trombeta, Cláudia R. Cavaglieri, and Fabrício Azevedo Voltarelli

Review Articles


Effects of Whole-Body Vibration on Flexibility and Stiffness: A Literature Review
Brannen Fowler, Turner Palumbo, Brent Feland, and Jonathan Blotter

Technical Note


T. Scott Lyons, PhD, FACSM
University of North Alabama
James W. Navalta, PhD, FACSM
University of Nevada - Las Vegas
Whitley Stone, PhD
University of Central Missouri

Editor Emeritus

Brian K. McFarlin, PhD, FACSM
University of North Texas
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