International Journal of Exercise Science 12(5): 297-309, 2019. The present study aims to develop the Physical Activity Tracking Preference Questionnaire (PATPQ), a measure of unit (distance, steps, calories, minutes) preference for tracking physical activity. The PATPQ was developed in two phases. During Phase One, the initial PATPQ was created (24 items), was assessed by an expert panel for face validity, and tested in 557 adults. Results were used to revise and modify the PATPQ. In Phase Two, the item pool was expanded and tested in 374 adults. Kuder‐Richardson Formula 20 scores for internal consistency and interclass correlations for test-retest reliability were calculated. Internal consistency for the final questionnaire was 0.78, 0.79, 0.89 and 0.69 for the distance, steps, calories, and minutes components, respectively. Test-retest reliability coefficients were within acceptable ranges (0.65-0.75). Overall, the PATPQ can be used to identify individual preferences for tracking physical activity to help personalize exercise programs.

PATPQ_final.pdf (314 kB)
Copy of the final PATPQ