Volume 13, Issue 3 (2020) Clinical Exercise Physiology, Physical Therapy and Athletic Training

Original Research


The Effects of an Acute Bout of Self-Myofascial Release on the Physiological Parameters of Running
Debra A. Stroiney, Sarah Herrick, Jennifer Bossi, Vincent J. Paolone, and Tracey Matthews


Whole-body Vibration Training in Frail, Skilled Nursing Home Residents
Brandon Grubbs, Arturo Figueroa, Jeong-Su Kim, Robert Contreras, Karla Schmitt, and Lynn Panton


Cupping Therapy Does Not Influence Healthy Adult's Hamstring Range of Motion Compared to Control or Sham Conditions
Matthew Schafer, Jessica C. Tom, Tedd Girouard, James W. Navalta, Catherine L. Turner, and Kara N. Radzak


Relationships Among Metabolic-Risk, Body Fatness, and Muscular Fitness in Young Obese Latino Children
Justin J. Merrigan, Sina Gallo, Jennifer B. Fields, Robyn Mehlenbeck, and Margaret T. Jones


High Supervised Resistance Training in Elderly Women: The Role of Supervision Ratio
Denis Cesar Leite Vieira, Dahan da Cunha Nascimento, Vitor Tajra, Tatiane Gomes Teixeira, Darlan Lopes de Farias, Ramires Tibana, Alessandro Oliveira Silva, Thiago Santos Rosa, Milton Rocha Moraes, Fabrício Azevedo Voltarelli, James W. Navalta, and Jonato Prestes


Acute Physiologic Effects of Performing Yoga In The Heat on Energy Expenditure, Range of Motion, and Inflammatory Biomarkers
Bradley Lambert, Katherine Miller, Domenica Delgado, Kalyan Chaliki, Joshua Lee, Guillermo Bauza, Francesca Taraballi, David Dong, Ennio Tasciotti, Joshua Harris, and Patrick McCulloch


The Sport Concussion Assessment Tool-5 (SCAT5): Baseline Assessments in NCAA Division I Collegiate Student-Athletes
Kyle M. Petit, Jennifer L. Savage, Abigail C. Bretzin, Morgan Anderson, and Tracey Covassin


Patient and Provider Communication Regarding Exercise during Pregnancy in a Rural Setting
Maire M. Blankenship, Kim Link, Samantha Henry, and Rachel A. Tinius


Effect of Chronotype on Sleep Quality in a Laboratory Setting
Brianna D. Harfmann, Natashia Swalve, John Mitrzyk, and Alex Montoye


Integrative Dance for Adults with Down Syndrome: Effects on Postural Stability
Sarah E. DiPasquale, Benjamin Canter, and Mary Roberts


Cross-Validation of Ratings of Perceived Exertion Derived from Heart Rate Target Ranges Recommended for Pregnant Women
Danilo F. da Silva, Shuhiba Mohammad, Kelly Ann Hutchinson, and Kristi B. Adamo


Evaluation of Muscle Damage, Body Temperature, Peak Torque and Fatigue Index in Three Different Methods of Strength Gain
Nathalie de Almeida Barros, Felipe J. Aidar, Dihogo de Matos Professor, Raphael Fabrício de Souza, Eduardo Borba Neves, Breno Guilherme de Araujo Tinoco Cabral, Enilton Aparecido Camargo, and Victor Machado Reis


Increased Physical Activity and Reduced Pain with Spinal Cord Stimulation: a 12-Month Study
Jacob E. Barkley, Henry Vucetic, David Leone, Bina Mehta, Michael J. Rebold, Mallory Kobak, Andrew Carnes, and Gregory S. Farnell


The Generality of Strength: Relationship between Different Measures of Muscular Strength in Older Women
João Pedro Nunes, Paolo M. Cunha, Melissa Antunes, Bruna D. V. Costa, Witalo Kassiano, Gabriel Kunevaliki, Alex S. Ribeiro, and Edilson S. Cyrino

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T. Scott Lyons, PhD, FACSM
University of North Alabama

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University of Nevada - Las Vegas
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Western Kentucky University

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