Volume 14, Issue 3 (2021) Clinical Exercise Physiology, Physical Therapy and Athletic Training

Invited Editorial


COVID-19 Lockdowns: Exacerbating the Silent Pandemic
David Gomez, Eric V. Neufeld, James W. Hicks, and Brett A. Dolezal

Original Research


Structured Exercise in Cancer Survivors: Is it Enough for Neural, Mental Health and Well-being?
Peter Smoak, Victoria Flores, Nicholas Harman, Jonathon Lisano, Reid Hayward, and Laura Stewart


Rating of Perceived Exertion in Three-Minute Step Test in Children with Cystic Fibrosis
Amanda Paiva Silva, Érika Veiga Araújo, Igor Pereira Machado, Lívia Ferreira Alves, Marcos Filipe da Silva Mello, Pedro Henrique de Almeida Silva, Isabella Rodrigues Dias, and Viviane Soares


Postpartum Exercise Intervention Targeting Diastasis Recti Abdominis
Faith C. LaFramboise, Rebecca A. Schlaff, and Meghan Baruth


Does Resistance Training with Blood Flow Restriction Affect Blood Pressure and Cardiac Autonomic Modulation in Older Adults?
Karynne Grutter Lopes, Paulo Farinatti, Daniel Alexandre Bottino, Maria das Graças Souza, Priscila Alves Maranhão, Eliete Bouskela, Roberto Alves Lourenço, and Ricardo Brandão Oliveira


Becoming One with Nature: A Nature Intervention for Individuals Living with Cancer Participating in a Ten-Week Group Exercise and Wellness Program
Samantha L. Morris, Ian Newhouse, Tracey Larocque, Kelly-Jo Gillis, Leanne Smith, and Elizabeth K. Nisbet


Evaluating the Intra-Rater and Inter-Rater Reliability of Fixed Tension Scale Instrumentation for Determining Isometric Neck Strength
Alexander T. McDaniel, Lindsey Schroeder, Jessica Freedman, Yishi Wang, and Michel J.H. Heijnen


Acute Effect of Different Duration of Foam Rolling Protocols on Muscle Thickness, Pain Pressure Threshold, and Volume Load on Multiple Sets of Knee Extension
Felipe Alves Brigatto, Enrico Gori Soares, Tiago Volpi Braz, Júlio Benvenutti Bueno de Camargo, Charlini Simoni Hartz, Danilo Rodrigues Batista, Luan Oenning Col, Paulo Henrique Marchetti, Marcelo Saldanha Aoki, and Charles Ricardo Lopes


Head Trauma not Associated with Long Term Effects on Autonomic Function
Carley A. Shannon, Kimberli L. Pike, Sydney R. DeJonge, Paul R. Nagelkirk, and Andrew T. Del Pozzi


A Community-based Boxing Program is Associated with Improved Balance in Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease
Abbie Moore, Enoch Yee, Brad W. Willis, Evan L. Prost, Aaron D. Gray, and J. Bryan Mann


Combined Physical Training Increases Plasma Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor Levels, But Not Irisin in People Living with HIV/AIDS
Joice Cristina dos Santos Trombeta, Roberto Carlos Vieira Junior, Cláudia Regina Cavaglieri, Ivan Luiz Padilha Bonfante, Jonato Prestes, Ramirez Alsamir Tibana, Morteza Ghayomzadeh, Vinicius Carolino Souza, Seyedahmad Seyedalinaghi, James Wilfred Navalta, and Fabrício Azevedo Voltarelli


Accumulated Oxygen Deficit During Arm Cranking in Hypoxia: A Bayesian Perspective and Methodological Considerations
Tristan Starling-Smith, David Boffey, Michael La Monica, Jeffrey R. Stout, and David H. Fukuda


Exercise Variability Did Not Affect Muscle Thickness and Peak Force for Elbow Flexors After a Resistance Training Session in Recreationally-Trained Subjects
Ethan Smith, Andre Sepulveda, Vincent G.F. Martinez, Ashley Samaniego, Priscyla N. Marchetti, and Paulo H. Marchetti


Tactical Circuit Training Improves Blood Pressure and Vascular Health More Than Resistance Training
Kelly C. McLaughlin, Avery N. Perez, Stephanie Donahue, and Deborah L. Feairheller

Review Article


Resistance Training as Therapeutic Management in Women with PCOS: What is the Evidence?
Pamela J. Wright, Cynthia F. Corbett, Bernardine M. Pinto, Robin M. Dawson, and Michael Wirth


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University of North Alabama

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University of Nevada - Las Vegas
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