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International Journal of Exercise Science 16(3): 855-865, 2023. Tissue flossing (TF) is a novel device that has been shown to cause peripheral compression and concurrent change in joint range of motion, perception of mobility and muscular performance. However, the effect of tissue flossing on pain, perception of mobility and function at the elbow joint has not been thoroughly investigated. The purpose of this pilot study was to examine the acute effect of TF on pain and upper extremity functional performance in subjects with musculoskeletal-related complaints of pain surrounding the elbow joint. We utilized a randomized crossover design. Nine resistance trained participants (8 men/1 woman) mean age 35.6 ± 10.7 took part in this study. We measured the following outcome measures; Pain Visual Analog Scale, Short Form McGill Pain Questionnaire II, pain-pressure threshold and hand grip dynamometry (HHD) pre and post and a Likert scale for movement ability questionnaire, posttest only, following a TF and placebo condition for each participant.TF resulted in significant improvement in all test measures, except HHD, pre to post (p ≤ 0.05). All pre to post changes were associated with large effect sizes for TF compared to the placebo condition applied to the elbow improves pain quality and intensity, perception of mobility and pain-pressure threshold in resistance trained individuals with a history of musculoskeletal pain for greater than 1 month. The results of this pilot study suggest that TF may function as an adjunct to treatment in the management of musculoskeletal pathologies at the elbow joint.