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Sports and Exercise Physiology


International Journal of Exercise Science 16(6): 744-755, 2023. Our study was carried on junior female athletes (22 rowers, 11 kayakers and 7 canoers) adopting systemic training to explore the possible training manipulation that can be implicated in these three kinds of water sports, might be in a different way. Several morpho-physiological parameters and motor ability profiles were measured by standard methods. Accordingly, body weight (kg), performing time of 2.4 km run (sec), 6×10 meters shuttle run/agility (sec) of female rowers were reduced progressively and significantly from Preparatory Period (PP1) to General Practice Period (GPP) i.e., from (59.41±4.84) to (52.23±5.34), (773.04±92.64) to (566.19±80.84) and (17.91±0.96) to (14.79±0.6) respectively. In case of kayakers, the time to cover 6×10 meters shuttle run was decreased from (18.42±0.63) to (16.61±0.79) and standing vertical jump (cm) was increased from (24.64±4.65) to (38.18±5.65) significantly from initial PPI to final GPP with considerable changes in between the phases. Body weight (kg), performing time of 60 meters standing start (sec), 2.4 km run (sec) and 6×10 meters shuttle run of female canoers were found to be decreased maximally from PP1 to GPP, following eight successive training phases from (58.56±3.98) to (49.88±4.39), (10.96±0.42) to (9.35±0.29), (802.57±32.40) to (632.57±57.38) and (10.96±0.42) to (9.35±0.29) respectively and also decreased considerably between other training phases. Standing broad jump (cm), standing vertical jump (cm), sit up/min, and push up/min performance were also found to be increased maximally from PP1 to GPP i.e., from (180.71±9.01) to (252.12±7.76), (27±4.16) to (41.14±1.86), (43±7.72) to (96±15.13) and from (34.43±7.50) to (88.28±4.85) respectively and also considerably between other training phases. Training as designed and incorporated in the present study significantly improves motor ability in all three groups. More discrete training can be prescribed for better fitness.