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International Journal of Exercise Science 17(2): 265-273, 2024. The International Journal of Exercise Science (IJES) publishes research from numerous subdisciplines of exercise science and health. This study documented the scholarly influence of the initial 15-year history (2008-2022) of the IJES. Publication, indexing, from the IJES website and four database services: Dimensions, Google Scholar (GS), PubMed, and SCImago Journal & Rank. The IJES has published 1055 articles in 79 issues in the first 15 years. The top 106 (10%) cited articles received a total of 7,195 citations according to GS. Top-cited IJES articles had median citations and citation rates (CR) of 48 citations and 6.5 citations/per year, respectively over a median of 8 years since their publication. Most top-cited articles were original research (68%) and reviews (9%). Top-cited articles were most often on Fitness Assessment (28%) and Technology, Epidemiology, and Physical Activity (15%) topics. In addition to its mission to support scholarly expertise of students, IJES is consistently indexed in GS with CR to top 5% cited articles similar to many journals in kinesiology/exercise science and higher than professional and highly specialized journals. The most cited articles have been in the areas of Fitness Assessment, Biomechanics and Neural Control, and Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physiology. The IJES makes influential contributions to subsequent research in kinesiology, exercise science, and health, primarily through highly cited original research and review articles.