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Exercise Training, Tactical Populations


International Journal of Exercise Science 17(4): 602-610, 2024. The purpose of this study was to observe if core stabilization training plays a significant role in firefighter time-to-completion during a functional performance test. A within subjects study design was used in which subjects (n = 13, 84.6% male, 33.7 ± 7.4 years of age, 91.06 ± 13.29 kg, 25.79 ± 6.55 percent body fat, 8.96 ± 7.51 years of firefighting experience) completed two performance tests (pre and post core training), comprised of 7 firefighter-specific exercises performed while wearing a 22.68 kg weight vest to mimic typical firefighter equipment. Between testing sessions, subjects were prescribed specific core stabilization exercises to perform at least three days a week for a total of 4 weeks. Time-to-completion was significantly quicker between the first (300.89 ± 42.11s) and second (256.92 ± 34.31s) performance testing, on average by 43.8 seconds (p < 0.001). Body mass index (p = 0.065) and rating of perceived exertion during testing (p = 0.084) did not significantly decrease across the course of the study. Adequate fitness is essential to firefighters’ job task performance. Data from this study suggests that regular core stabilization training may assist in optimizing the effectiveness, and potentially safety, of firefighters’ performance in high intensity functional skills.