International Journal of Exercise Science 6(2) : 157-163, 2013. Kinesio Tape® (KT) is purported to help coordinate involuntary contractions. KT applied to the thorax is believed to enhance breathing during constant-load exercise, but verification is lacking. We had 12 participants complete a graded exercise test to determine gas-exchange threshold (GET), and two, constant-load bouts sufficient in intensity to evoke the VO2 slow component using no tape (NT) or KT applied to the thorax, respectively, in counterbalanced order. Indirect calorimetery measured ventilatory and gas-exchange parameters, and a 3-lead EKG recorded heart rate (HR). A greater expiratory tidal volume (+150 mL·min-1) along with a small, yet significant (P < 0.05), improvement in mechanical efficiency occurred when using KT. Using KT did not affect exercising respiratory rate or HR, and most participants reported that KT was comfortable during exercise. ATs may apply KT to the thorax to improve heavy exercise efficiency, but research on exhaustive exercise is warranted.

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