International Journal of Exercise Science 7(2) : 119-127, 2014. Performance factors such as power, agility, and speed are important in sport-based competition for older individuals. Prediction models that assess these factors in masters level competitors are limited. The purpose of this study was to examine physical field measures of agility and speed and their ability to predict vertical power (VP) among basketball masters athletes(MA). Thirty-eight competitive MA from a Midwest Senior Olympic basketball tournament performed vertical jump, 20-yard dash (20-D), 40-yard dash (40-D), and T-test (TT) assessments. Regression analysis revealed a significant relationship (p = .002) using TT and 20-D to predict VP (R2 = .37). Similar results were observed when replacing the 20-D with the 40-D (R2 = .34; p = .003). Males and females were analyzed independently. Agility and speed measures significantly predicted VP in males (R2 = .59; p = .005) and females (R2 = .43; p = .044). Speed and agility are important factors in the performance of vertical jump (VJ). Results indicate any of the speed distances tested may be used to predict VP among this population, but it is recommended that the 20-D be used due to less demand, space, and time requirements. Utilizing speed and agility may help to minimize physical stress and reduce impact related injury, while improving overall VP performance in masters basketball players. Results of this study suggest need for experimental research to verify the cause and effect relationship between speed, agility, and VP.

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