Volume 7, Issue 4 (2014)

Original Research


The Relationship between Change of Direction Speed in the Frontal Plane, Power, Reactive Strength, and Strength
Brian T. McCormick, James C. Hannon, Charlie A. Hicks-Little, Maria Newton, Barry Shultz, Nicole Detling, and Warren B. Young


The Acute Effects of a Dynamic Stretching Protocol on Wingate Performance
Autumn S. Gipson Ms., Jamarious Jones, Elise N. Ritchey, Colby Murphy, Hope Grimes, and John M. Coons


Can Resistance Training Contribute to the Aerobic Components of the Physical Activity Guidelines?
Travis J. Hrubeniuk, Neal Prokop, Semone Myrie, Martin Sénéchal, and Danielle R. Bouchard


Time Spent in MVPA during Exergaming with Xbox Kinect in Sedentary College Students
Chie Yang, Zachary Wickert, Samantha Roedel, Alexandria Berg, Alex Rothbauer, Marquell Johnson, and Donald Bredle


Occupational Sitting and Physical Activity Among University Employees
Charles J. Fountaine, Meredith Piacentini, and Gary A. Liguori


Muscle Activity in Single- vs. Double-Leg Squats
Bradley A. DeForest, Gregory S. Cantrell, and Brian K. Schilling


VO2 Reserve vs. Heart Rate Reserve During Moderate Intensity Treadmill Exercise
Tanner J. Solheim, Brad G. Keller, and Charles J. Fountaine


Lactate Threshold Comparison in Anaerobic vs. Aerobic Athletes and Untrained Subjects
Matt Green, Jared Hornsby, Robert Pritchett, and Kelley Pritchett


T. Scott Lyons, PhD, FACSM
University of North Alabama

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James W. Navalta, PhD, FACSM
University of Nevada - Las Vegas
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Western Kentucky University

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Brian K. McFarlin, PhD, FACSM
University of North Texas
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