Stephen F. Austin State University - Course-Embedded Undergraduate Research Experience Showcase

Slide Presentations - Undergraduate Students


Correlation between the Stride of a Softball Pitch and the Velocity of the Ball
Mikaela Torres, Zaira Saldana, Brooke Gainous, Victoria Salazar, and Priscilla Saenz


The Best BESS Test
Dylan Fiock, Ciara Harrell, Caroline Kratz, and Rhyan Stoker


Power and Fatigue Measurement of Jumping Jacks
Kaydence Mata, Jordan Brown, Jasmine Jagours, and Sierra Lewis


Fatigue and its Effects on Squat Depth
Robert Keller, Jordan Guillory, and Madelyn Beckner

Poster Presentations - Undergraduate Students


Fatigue, Jump Height, and Power in Jumping
Kobe Ferguson, Rueben Hatton, and Gabriel Sauceda


Wall Sit Endurance Between Males and Females
Taylor Martin, Kelsey Mullin, Dedric Davis, Benjamin Esquivel, and Alex Gomez


Peak Power in Countermovement Jump Vs. Squat Jump
Justin Malnar, Graham McCulloch, Maverick Brazeal, and Christiana Mudd


The Effects of Fatigue on the Movement of Squatting
Bailey Kahla, Zoe Craven, Justin Garrett, and Davin Lemmons


Can Artificial Intelligence Analyze Force Plate Data for a Squat?
Rickson Campos, Madison Conte, and Emily Downey