Mid-Atlantic Chapter Conference Proceedings - American College of Sports Medicine

Clinical Case Studies


Elbow Injury – High School Football
C. Chamberlain, K. Vanic, and G. Rozea


Knee Pain – High School Wrestler
N. Ferrarini, G. Rozea, K. Vanic, and J. Hauth


Knee Pain – Adolescent
A. Kaufman, G. Rozea, K. Vanic, and J. Hauth


Acute Knee Pain- College Lacrosse Player
C.S. Persaud and M. Mirabelli


Bilateral Triceps Atrophy in a Personal Trainer
M.N. Sidiquee and David Ross


Eye Pain – College Rugby Player
M. Slaughter, K. Vanic, and G. Rozea


Hip Pain – High School Track
M. Taylor, K. Vanic, G. Rozea, and L. Zaparzynski


Foot Pain – College Football Player
B. Tew, K. Vanic, G. Rozea, and W. Wheeler-Dietrich


Recreational Runner with Right Shoulder Pain and Cyanosis
M. Tierney, P. Nizran, and G. Pujalte


Shoulder Injury – Certified Nursing Assistant
R. Vasquez, Andrew Getzin, and Luis Rodriguez


Shortness of Breath in a Runner
A. Western and A. Getzin

Research Abstracts


Effects of Simple Carbohydrate vs. Carbohydrate-Protein Intake on Glucose Homeostasis Following Intense Exercise
J. Kluka, J. Baskerville, K. Clifton, K. Fisher, D. Marks, C. Weidner, P. Veerabhadrappa, and W.A. Braun


Energy Expenditure During Gait Using the ReWalk Exoskeletal Walking System for Persons with Paraplegia
Steven Knezevic, Pierre Asselin, Racine Emmons, William Bauman, and Ann Spungen


The Effects of Ankle Taping and Bracing on Agility, Vertical Jump, and Power
T.M. Leonard, J.S. Rotay, S. Paulson, and J. Sanders


Group-based Aerobic Exercise in HIV+ Patients: A Pilot Study
R. Lindsey, C. Shikuma, D. Chow, M. Kocher, and I. Kimura


Do Changes in Predicted Isotonic 1RM and Isometric Peak Torque Demonstrate Cross Education?
S. LoRusso, N. Brownyard, S. Hay, R. Hiester, J. Pion, and S. Schlanger


No Association between Body Fat and Arterial Stiffness in Non-obese Women
E. Martin, J. Augustine, N. Spartano, W. Lefferts, and K. Heffernan


The Relationship between Aerobic Fitness and Bone Health in College-Aged Women
B. Masteller, C.B. Dixon, E.S. Rawson, and J.L. Andreacci


Applicability of Body Composition Assessments for Children
M. Mastrangelo, R. Dean, B. Desmond, S. Pitcher, A. Rencher, and A. Yau


Thoracopelvic Coordination of Pregnant Women During Gait
J.L. McCrory, J.F. Seay, and J. Hamill


Military Veterans’ Attitude on the Value of Exercise as a Means of Coping with Stress
C.S. McVaugh, W.C. Stevens, J.D. Roar, M.C. Bolt, and J.G. Williams


The Effects of Fish Oil Supplementation on Cardiovascular Health
L. Merk, C. Michael, S. Rackley, K. O’Brien, J. Kramerenko, and J. Sanders


The Correlation of Repeat Sprint Measures to Predicted VO2 in Recreationally Active College Age Males
M. Miltenberger, G. Zipp, V. Lombardi, R. Parasher raju.parasher@shu.edu, and S. Davis


Effects of Manganese Administration on Breathing
Z. Mohamed, D. Gorczynski, T. Glausen, K. DeRuisseau, and L. DeRuisseau


Predictability of Muscle Fiber Characteristics using the Biodex System 3
N. Nannapaneni, G. Schmidt, M. Cox, and R. Boutote


Effect of Bisphenol A (BPA) on Skeletal Muscle Oxidative Stress
C. Receno, M. Benson, C. Liang, S. Keslacy, and K. DeRuisseau


Effect of Vocalization on Static Handgrip Force Output
C. Rodolico, R. Oberholzer, and S. Smith


Effect of Beta-Adrenergic Blockade on Coronary Blood Flow during Isometric Exercise in Older Adults
A. Ross, Z. Gao, M. Heffernan, U. Leuenberger, L. Sinoway, and M. Muller


Examination of Exercise Behaviors, Exercise Barriers and Exercise Self-Efficacy of British Adults
M. Sadler, M. Brown, K. Dugan, J. Litchauer, K. Port, and K. Smith


Effects Of Plyometric and Endurance Training on Aerobic and Anaerobic Power.
T. Snyder, E. Shaw, A. Mueller, E. Stoeckel, A. Strom, T. VanDerVeeken, and T. Swensen


Carotid Blood Pressure Reactivity is Associated with Carotid Intima-media Thickness Independent of Central Adiposity
N. Spartano, J. Augustine, W. Lefferts, W. Hughes, B. Morse, E. Martin, K. Bill, B. Gump, and K. Heffernan


Alcohol Intake, Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Body Size, and Dietary Behaviors in Young Adults
C.N. Steele, A.F. Fradkin, J.L. Andreacci, and E.S. Rawson


The Effect of Anticipatory Anxiety on Performance in an Attention Task
C. Stevens, B.A.H. Russell, and B.D. Hatfield


Cardiovascular and Metabolic Responses to Treadmill and Elliptical Exercise
K. Timmons, S. Mason, M. Peterson, E. Venters, K. Hoover, L. Crehan, S.D. McCole, and J.A. McKenzie


Cardiovascular and Metabolic Responses to Combined Upper and Lower Body Exercise
E. Venters, S. Mason, M. Peterson, K. Timmons, K. Hoover, L. Crehan, S.D. McCole, and J.A. McKenzie


Effectiveness of an Exercise Is Medicine (EIM)TM Referral Program to Change Exercise Behaviors and Efficacy.
N. Wilhelm, J. Kelly, S. Kovacs, J. Urda, C. Winters, B. Larouere, K. Smith, and J. Lynn


Forward and Reflected Waveform Amplitudes during Static Handgrip Exercise
M.H. Wiltshire, W.B. Farquhar, D.G. Edwards, and J.L. Greaney


Vascular Function in Exercise-Trained Women
Jacqueline Augustine, W. Lefferts, E. Martin, N. Spartano, and Kevin Heffernan


IGF1R Pathway is Related to Enhanced Insulin Sensitivity Following Exercise Training
M. Barberio, K. Huffman, E. Hoffman, W. Kraus, and M. Hubal


Effects of Manganese (Mn) Supplementation on Muscle Force Generation during Hypoxia.
M. Benson, C. Receno, Z. Mohamed, L. DeRuisseau, and K. DeRuisseau


Effects of Applying Floss Bands on Regional Blood Flow
J. Bohlen, M. Arsenault, B. Deane, P. Miller, M. Guadagno, and D.A. Dobrosielski


The Effect of Music Tempo on Squat Performance
J. Burket, T. Eubank, C. Reed, and J. Sanders


Perceived Credibility of Weight Management Apps/Websites among Female College Students
A. Clark, J. Kretsch, P. Haros, G. Gelfen, C. Albright, and G.J. Jerome


Phosphate Decrement in Repeated Sprint Ability
V. DiMartino, G. Schmidt, T. Carpenter, and G. Campo


High-Fat Diet Regulation of Cell Cycle
C.M. Dungan and D.L. Williamson


KINECTing Generations to Physical Activity
E. Duszak, J. Sullivan, and E. Orsega-Smith


Challenging Balance in Older Adults Using the Wii Fit Balance Program
A. Farrell, E. Orsega-Smith, J. Ferguson, and K. Plante


Association between Inflammation, Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Body Size, and Dietary Behaviors in Young Adults
J.J. Fleming, A.F. Fradkin, J.L. Andreacci, M.P. Miles, and E.S. Rawson


Perceptions of Body Weight and Contributing Weight Gain Factors in British Adults
K. Fox, B. Stovall, K. Mariacher, P. Pautler, A. Hedgepeth, C. Fengl, and K. Smith


Validity of a Hand-held Tablet Compared to 3-Dimensional Motion Analysis to Assess Landing Mechanics.
Z. Gabor, E. Lewis, J. Jackson, E. Alderman, D. King, and B. Belyea


Estimating Caloric Expenditure using Physical Activity Index (PAI) in Children Performing a Maximal Exercise Test
A. Gairola, R. Robertson, C. Bayles, F. Goss, I. Kane, E. Nagle, and S. Arslanian


The Influence of Arch Type on Injury in Minimally-Shod Runners
K.M. Galbreath, K.D. Harrison, and J.L. McCrory


Exercise Promotes Enhanced Gut Microbial Diversity Compared to Sedentary Counterparts
J.D. Gotthardt, M. Noji, L.J. Kerkhof, L. McGuiness, M.M. Häggblom, and S.C. Campbell


The Relationship between Aerobic Fitness, BMI, and Measures of Perception while at Very High Altitudes
S. Gray, D. Drozdowsky, M. Schoenenberger, K. Wisniewski, and P. Fitzgerald


Effect of Front-Panel Support during Inclined Treadmill Walking
K. Hoover, M. Peterson, K. Timmons, S. Mason, E. Venters, L. Crehan, J.A. McKenzie, and S.D. McCole


Sex Differences in Arterial Stiffness and Left Ventricular Pressure Energetics.
W.E. Hughes, N.L. Spartano, W.K. Lefferts, J.A. Augustine, and K.S. Heffernan


Effects of Nasal Insufflation on Heart Rate Recovery from Exercise
B. Ivester, P. Miller, J. Bohlen, P. Phan, and D.A. Dobrosielski