About This Journal

International Journal of Leadership and Change (IJLC) is a peer-reviewed electronic and paper journal dedicated to scholarly work that advances knowledge about leadership and transformative change around the globe, especially in educational or education-related environments. IJLC includes two divisions: 1) studies related to applied, clinical, or policy issues; and 2) studies related to leadership theory or research.

Under the editorship of Joseph Cangemi, WKU Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Scholar-in-Residence, IJLC is a collaborative enterprise of WKU's Educational LEadership Doctoral Program and College of Education and Behavioral Sciences. The College of Education and Behavioral Sciences houses the following academic units: Counseling and Student Affairs; Educational Administration, Leadership, and Research; Military Science; Psychology; and the School of Teacher Education. It is also the fiscal home for the Educational Leadership Doctoral Program.

The Educational Leadership Doctoral Program is WKU's first stand-alone doctoral program. WKU established its innovative Educational LEadership Doctoral Program to meet the increasing demand for leadership to take P-20 education to new levels. The doctoral program demonstrates WKU's commitment to provide seamless career development in professional education and is intended to prepare "practitioner-scholars" who will study seminal and current theories in order to translate and apply them in daily practice. WKU's unique education doctorate addresses the needs of practicing professionals to develop leadership skills in cross-disciplinary settings. The goals of the curriculum are to increase candidates' understanding of human learning, improve the organizations within which candidates work, and teach candidates to conduct career-relevant research, thereby increasing their problem-solving abilities within their varied work settings. For more information about the EDD program, click here: Educational Leadership Doctoral Program

IJLC represents a continued effort of WKU's College of Education and Behavioral Sciences and its Educational Leadership Doctoral Program to advance national and international knowledge and research regarding leadership in general, as well as issues and challenges related to the practice of effective, transformative leadership in educational settings.