Journal History

Journal History (2014–present)

The Western Kentucky University Research Foundation entered a publishing partnership with Sagamore Publishing to continue the operation of the Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership. Volumes 4 – present have been published by Sagamore.

Journal History (September 17, 2013–December 31, 2013)

The Western Kentucky University Research Foundation continues the operation of the Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership.

Journal History (November 27, 2009 Launch–September 16, 2013)

The Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership was announced on November 17, 2009 at the Teaching Section Reception, sponsored by American Humanics®, during the 2009 Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA) Conference in Cleveland, Ohio. American Humanics® rebranded and was renamed as the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. The first issue of the Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership was published in November 2010. On September 16, 2013 the publishing partnership between the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance and the WKU Research Foundation concluded. The WKURF gratefully acknowledges the initial support provided by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance.

Journal History (From Idea to Reality 1992–2009)

Introduction - The creation of the Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership was the result of the ongoing discussions and efforts of several people over many years. This time-period included two different publications aimed at addressing needs relevant to nonprofit educators and leaders. In addition, the current journal benefited from the transformation of ideas, collaboration between organizations, and emerging electronic publication technology. The resulting product has great potential to influence the future of nonprofit education and leadership.

The general guiding philosophy for this project included developing a journal that would incorporate the research talents of those working in academia along with the talents of nonprofit professionals working primarily in the field. While those in academia are more accustomed to submitting articles for potential publication, nonprofit practitioners are not, but each group has important information to share with each other and the profession. This new journal would allow for field practitioners to share best practices through a formal peer-reviewed format.

The following information attempts to briefly highlight the journal's history. Note that AH=American Humanics® and WKURF=Western Kentucky University Research Foundation.

June 2009 - The American Humanics® Board of Directors voted to approve a formal partnership between AH and WKURF to create the Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership at the June 2009 board meeting.

The founding journal advisory group was formed with two representatives from each of the two partner organizations.

  • Raymond A. Poff, Ph.D. Western Kentucky University
  • SueAnn Strom, Ph.D. American Humanics, Inc.
  • Susan T. Schmidt, MPA University of Memphis, American Himanics Board Member
  • Connie Foster, MLS Western Kentucky University

Norman A. Dolch, Ph.D., University of North Texas, was selected and hired in September as the first Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership.

2007–2009 – Dr. Raymond Poff and Dr. Jeffery Guiler investigated a potential publishing partnership between Robert Morris University, WKURF, and American Humanics, Inc. to create a journal. Partnership with Robert Morris was not feasible at the time.

Dr. Matthew Jendian, Ms. Susan Schmidt, Dr. SueAnn Strom, Dr. Norman A. Dolch, Dr. Raymond Poff, and others continued the journal creation discussion and worked on developing a proposal to present to the American Humanics® Board of Directors to create a publishing partnership.

During this time, other leading nonprofit associations were contacted about the project to investigate possible collaborations. These organizations were very positive about the creation of the new journal, but were unable to commit their participation as business partners at this time.

2004–2005 – Dr. Jeffery Guiler, of Robert Morris University and the American Humanics, Inc. Faculty Development Committee, served as editor compiling two issues of The American Humanics Journal and Proceedings. These two issues were distributed to American Humanics Campus/Executive Directors.

1992–1997 – The Journal for Leadership of Youth and Human Services was co-published by American Humanics® and the University of Northern Iowa.