Operation Comics #3: Not Your Average Cat


This is the third of a series of comics that embed mathematics appropriate for grades 4 through 6 in story told in comic book format. Printed versions of this comic are being used by students at Cumberland Trace Elementary in Bowling Green, KY. The comic is available as an e-book for the Nook at the link provided above. Hard copies of the comic are available at www.operationcomics.com. Supplementary materials are available for free below. For more information on the origin and goals of this comic, see the pre-print of the paper "Comic Books That Teach Mathematics" at http://works.bepress.com/bruce_kessler/8. In this issue, Wonderguy encounters a petty thief called the Cheetah. He had once been a mere biologist wanting funding for his genetics research into making a faster human, but after experimenting on himself, he finds that he can run as fast as a cheetah. He decides that if he can get attention for his research by eluding the great Wonderguy, then the funding he wants will soon be his. However, he did not count on Claire and Dillon, Wonderguy's mathematical ace-in-the-hole. The mathematics concepts of the arithmetic mean and graphing points on a coordinate plane are presented.


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