Robert Penn Warren Studies, which publishes critical explorations of the life and works of Robert Penn Warren and his friends, colleagues, and students, invites submissions for the journal's forthcoming edition. For this issue, we are particularly interested in pieces that address Warren and his associates' legacy, either through their literary production or in their approach to teaching literature. Formerly known as rWp: An Annual of Robert Penn Warren Studies, the journal is an annual peer-reviewed publication of the Center for Robert Penn Warren Studies and Western Kentucky University. Founded in 2001, Robert Penn Warren Studies has featured articles on the "restored" edition of All the King's Men, memoirs from Warren's children, and numerous pieces drawing connections between Warren's work and other authors, from Coleridge and Dostoyevsky to Styron and Ashbury. In its new incarnation, RPW Studies is moving to an online format, and we welcome contributions that take advantage of our new electronic medium.

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Current Volume: Volume 10 (2017) Robert Penn Warren Studies