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This project addresses the current hot topic in the field of education, of Multiple Intelligences. Howard Garner, psychologist and Harvard professor, believes there are multiple ways children learn. Through that belief he created the Multiple Intelligences Theory (MI) which states there are eight ways people learn or complete tasks. This project looked at the Theory of Multiple Intelligences and analyzed how it is applied in the classroom. Through research, direct observation, and interviews with teachers, it was found how this theory is practically applied in classrooms today. The following three questions were answered in this project. How are current teachers in the field applying the multiple intelligences theory in the classroom setting? (The traditional approach of using the Verbal/Linguistic and Logical/Mathematical learning styles has seemed to fade away.) Are the other Multiple Intelligences used as often in the classroom? And finally, do teachers know their students’ Multiple Intelligences, and are they deliberately using those in their lessons, or is it unintentional?



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