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Electronic cigarette smoking is a trend that has become very popular in the United States in recent years. As e-cigarettes continue to gain popularity, it is important for dental professionals to be up-to-date on the dangers that they pose.

An interview session consisting of a questionnaire was the methodology used in this study. Ten dental hygienists who work full or part-time in private practice settings were interviewed. After the interview questions were asked, the researcher discussed the effects of electronic cigarettes can have on oral and overall health. Last, the data were analyzed to determine if dental hygienists included electronic cigarettes in their offices’ medical history questionnaire.

Results revealed that none of the hygienists questioned included electronic cigarettes on the medical history questionnaire. Results also indicated that all 10 of the hygienists believed that e-cigarettes can be harmful. Of the 10, 5 still recommended them as a way to quit traditional cigarette smoking.

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Barbara Bush


Dentistry | Oral Biology and Oral Pathology