Mahurin Honors College Capstone Experience/Thesis Projects


Geography and Geology

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In an effort to increase the amount of locally sourced food utilized by dining services at WKU, the Office of Sustainability, WKU Restaurant Group, and the WKU Agriculture & Research Education Center have partnered to establish garden spaces on campus properties. This project developed a detailed plan for implementation of this effort. In addition, this project established a plan to educate students and the local community alike on the benefits of sustainable farming and locally-sourced food, while also creating profiles on local farmers from whom the university could buy crops in order to further supplement items for dining services. Using these spaces to supplement available options for dining services will provide nutritional value as an added benefit of growing food that is sustainable and locally sourced. In addition, the use of these crops will be used as way to educate the WKU community on the ways in which food can be grown sustainably and importance of doing so.

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Leslie North, Ph.D.


Agriculture | Environmental Studies | Sustainability