Publication Date

Summer 2015

Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

Sally Kuhlenschmidt (Director), Elizabeth Jones, and Carl Myers.

Degree Program

Department of Psychology

Degree Type

Master of Arts


This study sought to understand the relationships among locus of control, parenting style, academic procrastination, and financial independence with a population of undergraduate students. A sample of 61 students (39 females, 21 males, 1 other) completed measures of demographics, locus of control, parenting style, and academic procrastination. Participants were recruited within the last two weeks of the semester. Therefore, the sample probably contained a higher percentage of procrastinators than the general population. There were no significant correlations across the total sample. There was a significant positive correlation between higher scores on the Parental Authority Questionnaire authoritative scale and the Procrastination Assessment Scale Student Frequency scores for individuals who were financially dependent. There was also a significant negative correlation between the authoritarian and authoritative parenting style scores for those who were financially dependent.


Clinical Psychology | Experimental Analysis of Behavior | Psychology