Publication Date


Advisor(s) - Committee Chair

James Martin, Luther Hughes, Linda Brown

Degree Program

Department of Agriculture

Degree Type

Master of Science


The purpose of this thesis was to design a master landscape plan rnd serve as a preliminary planning tool for the development of Horticulture Gardens at Western Kentucky University. The planning process involved the development of a mission statement and goals for the gardens, analysis of the site, and design of a landscape plan for the proposed six acre Horticultural Gardens located at the WKU farm. Other areas related to the Garden's development explored in the thesis include: an outline of course learning objectives that could be achieved through learning activities conducted at the Horticultural Gardens, an examination of ways to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with the horticulture industry in Kentucky, and an estimate of the costs and possible funding sources for such an endeavor.

The development of the Horticultural Gardens can provide a means for the Agriculture Department and the university to forge additional linkages with horticulturally related industries as well as the local community. It can also complement the classroom learning experience And broaden the educational resources of the university while creating an aesthetically pleasing environment to be enjoyed by students, faculty and staff, and the general public.


Agriculture | Horticulture | Life Sciences | Plant Sciences