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"Exciting Experiences in our Wars with Spain and the Filipinos" edited by Marshall Everett. Chapters include: Our Calendar of Glory, History of the War and Lessons of the War Story of Cuba's Struggle for Freedom, The Story of the Maine Disaster, Dewey's Naval Victory at Manila, The Story of the Sinking of the Merrimac, Story of the Rough Riders, Naval Victory off Santiago, Shafter's Santiago Campaign, General Shafter's Own Story of Santiago, Statistics Applied to the Strain of Battle, Graduated for the Grave and Glory, Incidents of the Blockade, Sharpshooting by Experts, Planted Rough Riders' Guidon on San Juan's Rampart, Brave Work of American Women, Battle of Manzanillo, Porto Rican Campaign, Once Fighter, Now Governor, The Story of Private Joe Ertz, Battle of Malate, Merritt's Victory at Manila, An Illustrative Story, Flag Floats Where no Blood Was Spilled, Perseverance of a Woman, One of the Brave Boys, Three Historical First Events, The Treaty of Peace With Spain, Poetry of the War, Photographs, Autographs and Biographies, Story of the Oregon, The Nicaragua Canal, Cuba, the "Pearl of the Antilles," Bull Fights in Spain, Beautiful Porto Rico, the Hawaiian Islands, The Philippine Islands, History of American Expansion, Life of Admiral George Dewey, Fighting the Filipinos, Capture of the Filipino Capital, The Philippine Commission, Life of General Emilio Aguinaldo, Expansionists vs. Anti-Expansionists, Lawton and MacArthur Expeditions, Liveliest Battles of the War, July Fighting--Rainy Season, Many Battles and Much Diplomacy--Treaty with the Sulus, September in the Philippines, Return of Admiral Dewey, and Deaths of Lawton and Logan. This book is available for use in Library Special Collections at WKU; 270-745-5082;


Spanish-American War, Marshall Everett


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