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These letters are part of UA3/1/2/2 Henry Cherry Special Correspondence File. Cherry's reply to Sullenger is a carbon copy typed on the back of a County War Conference form letter.


Letter from T. Earl Sullenger WKU alum requesting a recommendation from Henry Cherry in order to obtain a commission in the U.S. Navy. Text:

Allison DII
St. Elizabeth's Hospital
Washington, D.C.

Pres. H.H. Cherry
Bowling Green, Ky.

My dear Friend:

Please pardon me for asking for another favor, but I am making application for a Commission in the U.S. Navy. I know that a letter from you will be a great assistance to me.

Hoping to receive the letter at once and thanking you in advance, I am

Your W.K.S.N. friend
T. Earl Sullenger

Cherry's reply recounts the establishment of the Student Army Training Corps and the results of the recent influenza epidemic in Bowling Green.


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