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Educational Practices in Kinesiology (International Community of Scholars in Kinesiology)

Educational Practices in Kinesiology (EPIK) is a peer-reviewed, open access repository designed for instructors in higher education to disseminate and share teaching and learning resources in the subdisciplines of kinesiology. Educators make up a significant portion of the kinesiology professional community and this journal allows instructors to share the unique and engaging classroom and laboratory learning experiences they create for their undergraduate and graduate students.

Frustrated by a lack of available teaching resources, two independent groups of women working in different parts of the United States were creating parallel teaching repositories in kinesiology. We serendipitously found each other at a professional meeting and quickly realized we had the same ideas for providing high quality kinesiology and exercise science pedagogical content for ourselves and peers. Our two groups combined efforts to create an “EPIK” teaching repository, the first of its kind in exercise science.


The aim of EPIK is to promote the development and sharing of high-quality teaching and learning resources for best practices in the subdisciplines of kinesiology.


Submissions may include but are not limited to: virtual, face-to-face, and hybrid classroom and laboratory resources. This pedagogical journal is intended for faculty teaching in sub-disciplines of kinesiology: exercise physiology, biomechanics, sport and exercise psychology, sport sociology, sport philosophy, sport history, and motor behavior. Professionals in related fields are also encouraged to submit to EPIK.

Ex Libris Bluegrass Users Group Newsletter

Welcome to the eBUG website!

The current eBUG Bylaws can be found under the "About this Journal" link, at the left.

We will continue to update this site with information about the upcoming conference, meeting minutes, presentations, and programs. If you have content that you would like to contribute please email it to one of the officers!

eBUG Conference 2019

The eBUG (Ex Libris Bluegrass Users Group) annual conference will be held on June 14th, 2019 at the Knicely Conference Center on the campus of the Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, Kentucky. The Knicely Conference Center is located at 2355 Nashville Road, Bowling Green, Kentucky, 42101. Knicely Conference Center Driving Directions

The 2019 Program will be available below as part of the 2019 Current Volume.

This year’s Keynote speaker is Dr. Antje Mays, Director of Collections at the University of Kentucky Libraries. Dr. Mays leads collection management efforts in support of the University's growing academic programs and research activities. Her Keynote is titled, "On Library Futures and the Library's Value as Strategic Partner."

eBUG Registration Now Open

eBUG registration for the 2019 annual conference is now available. Registration costs $40 for library staff or faculty and 20$ for presenters and library/Information Science students. Registration and payment should be received no later that Friday May 31, 2019. To register please fill out the google form below.

2019 Conference Registration

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International Journal of Exercise Science (International Community of Scholars in Kinesiology)

ISSN 1939-795X

The primary aim of the International Journal of Exercise Science (IJES) is to engage undergraduate and graduate students in scholarly activity as authors and reviewers as they develop into professionals. In accordance with this aim, on manuscript submissions it is mandatory that at least one author be a student that has played a prominent role in the overall study (see About IJES).

If you have any questions about IJES, please email us at .

Click here if you would like to be considered as a reviewer for IJES.

Click here for our NEW practitioner-focused journal Topics in Exercise Science and Kinesiology.

Click here for access to Conference Proceedings published by IJES.

To maintain a happy editorial board and reviewer pool, the International Journal of Exercise Science will reduce our normal staffing during June and July. Any manuscripts submitted during these months may not begin the pre-review process until August. Additionally, manuscripts under review during these months may take longer than our normal time course to complete. It is suggested to submit well in advance of these months in order to avoid any delays.

Branded apparel and accessories are available for purchase here.

International Journal of Exercise Science: Conference Proceedings (International Community of Scholars in Kinesiology)

The International Journal of Exercise Science publishes proceedings for a number of regional, national, and international conferences and meetings.

To simplify referencing as well as site navigation, we have assigned each conference or related organization its own “volume," and thus each year’s proceedings for that conference is an “issue." For example, The Texas Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine is Volume 2, and then each of its conferences has its own issue number.

If you are affiliated with an organization that holds research conferences within Exercise Science or a related field, and you are interested in having the International Journal of Exercise Science publish your proceedings, then please contact us at this email address:

Please note that all publications on the International Journal of Exercise Science Conference Proceedings site are abstracts, not full manuscripts. To see if a full research manuscript has been published from one of the abstracts on this site, we suggest that you contact the lead or corresponding author.

International Journal of Faith Community Nursing

ISSN 2379-5522

The International Journal of Faith Community Nursing (IJFCN) is the official journal of Faith Community Nurses International (FCNI). The foremost purpose of IJFCN is to support the ministry and practice of faith community nurses worldwide through publication of scholarly articles about innovative faith community nursing practice, current faith community nursing research, and evidence-based practice. In addition, IJFCN supports the development, sustainment, and advancement of health within diverse faith traditions.

Currently, we are accepting submissions for the upcoming Fall 2023 issue. Authors may submit manuscripts until October 1st, 2023 to be considered for this issue. Address questions regarding submissions to Dr. Liz Sturgeon at .

Faith Community Nurses International President’s Roundtable Forum
January 12, 2023 @ 6-7pm CT
Join us for a discussion about the strategic plan and member benefits:

International Journal of Leadership and Change

ISSN 2330-8109


International Journal of Leadership and Change (IJLC) is a peer-reviewed electronic and paper journal dedicated to scholarly work that advances knowledge about leadership and transformative change around the globe, especially in educational or education-related environments. IJLC includes two divisions: 1) studies related to applied, clinical, or policy issues; and 2) studies related to leadership theory or research.

Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership

ISSN 2157-0604

The Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership

The journal's mission is to improve nonprofit education and leadership through the publication and dissemination of peer-reviewed manuscripts centered on professional practice, research, and theoretical discussions. Manuscript submissions are encouraged from authors inside and outside of academia

Special Announcement - New Publishing Partnership

The WKU Research Foundation and Sagamore Publishing, L.L.C. are pleased to announce a long-term publishing partnership. Sagamore Publishing has assumed all publishing and subscription management roles for the Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership. All previously published content is available through Sagamore to subscribers. The WKU Research Foundation will continue to oversee the editorial roles of the journal.

Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership

ISSN 1948-5123

Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership (

Special Announcement - New Publishing Partnership (May 27, 2015)

We are pleased to introduce Sagamore Publishing LLC as the new publisher of the Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership. This new publishing partnership includes Sagamore Publishing LLC, the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education (AORE), the Western Kentucky University Research Foundation (WKURF), and the Wilderness Education Association (WEA). Access to the JOREL content has been transferred to the website maintained by Sagamore Publishing LLC. Thank you for supporting this publication and we look forward to continued relationships with our subscribers and authors.

Please note this site is no longer being updated. All matters related to the journal (manuscripts, subscriptions, etc.) should be directed to Sagamore Publishing at the following url:

Manuscript Submission Categories

  • Regular Papers: (a) quantitative and/or qualitative research findings & (b) conceptual or theoretical discussions
  • Essays, Practices, and Commentaries: critical essays; best practices; and commentaries related to philosophies, historical perspectives, policies, pedagogy, or reviews of outdoor education and leadership.
  • Research Notes: research studies presented in a condensed format or research studies which: (a) extend the understanding of a previous research study, (b) comment on prior research, (c) provide a methodological contribution, and (d) replicate or fail to replicate reported results.

The journal's mission is to improve outdoor recreation, education, and leadership through the publication and dissemination of peer-reviewed manuscripts centered on professional practice, research, and theoretical discussions.

The Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership encourages manuscript submissions from authors inside and outside of academia.

To contact journal staff, please visit the About this Journal page.

Kentucky Teacher Education Journal: The Journal of the Teacher Education Division of the Kentucky Council for Exceptional Children

Kentucky Teacher Education Journal

The purpose of the Kentucky Teacher Education Journal (KTEJ) is to provide a forum for the dissemination of original research, critical issues, information and ideas concerning teacher preparation to advance instruction for educators of exceptional and gifted children, for a positive impact on the education of students with and without disabilities. This journal has a focus of national, regional and state perspectives and research related to teacher education issues in special education and gifted education.

Kentucky Teacher Educator

Kentucky Teacher Educator (KTE): was the predecessor of KTEJ. It was the original journal, published in 2007 and 2008, by the Teacher Education Division of the Kentucky Council for Exceptional Children. KTE was published under the editorship of Dr. Nedra Atwell, Professor at WKU. The Editorial Review Board included John Nelson, Pikeville College; Marty Boman, Western Kentucky University; Arlene Hall, Murray State University; Marlene White, Eastern Kentucky University; and Sylvia Dietrich, Western Kentucky University. KTE has been republished as a series and is accessible via the KTEJ.

Robert Penn Warren Studies (Robert Penn Warren Collection)

ISSN 2472-1204

Founded in 2001, and formerly known as rWp: An Annual of Robert Penn Warren Studies, Robert Penn Warren Studies is an annual peer-reviewed publication of the Center for Robert Penn Warren Studies and Western Kentucky University. Publishing critical explorations of the life and works of Robert Penn Warren and his friends, colleagues, and students, the Journal has featured articles on the "restored" edition of All the King's Men, memoirs from Warren's children, and numerous pieces drawing connections between Warren's work and other authors, from Coleridge and Dostoyevsky to Styron and Ashbury. In this new online format, we especially welcome contributions that take advantage of this dynamic medium.

Sierpinski’s Square (Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Kentucky)

About The Journal Gatton Academy students excel in far more than STEM fields. Sierpinski’s Square was founded in the spring semester of 2015 by Gatton Academy students Courtney George (’15) and Hayden Justice (’16) to provide a forum for profound written analyses within the humanities. Sierpinski’s Square is a journal that parallels the town square -- a place where current Gatton Academy students can share ideas developed in their humanities classes. Original poetry, short stories, literary analyses, audio items, visual art, and/or quirky application essays are accepted for consideration. A call for submissions goes out each spring semester to currently-enrolled Gatton Academy students. Submissions are currently being taken until January 25th, 2019.