Multimodal Reflections IV- Ariana Pedigo - Week 14 (April 26th)

Streaming Media


My hope in creating these vlogs and conducting these interviews, either via Zoom or sitting across from my interviewees with 6 feet of distance between us, was to get a range of opinions and experiences during the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic.

I conducted two autoethnographic vlogs based on my personal experiences. For the first one, I focused on day-to-day life experiences. The second autoethnographic vlog, I addressed my perceptions of social media. I also conducted three oral history interviews: one with my mother, and the others with my sisters. My mother’s routine changed very little, apart from when she came to visit, and we could no longer go thrift shopping. However, for my sister Nichoel who works at a Bowling Green company and is used to frequent travel and even recently presented on the Home Shopping Network (HSN), her life has changed dramatically. My other sister, Erika had a baby during the pandemic, delivering her child mid-March. Her interview reflects a patient’s point of view of the hospital experience. Last, my sister Lindsay’s interview provides the perspective of a respiratory therapist during the pandemic. Through these interviews and vlogs, I feel there is a diverse range of female oriented viewpoints, I only wish I could have delved deeper. This pandemic has lasted far longer than I have anticipated, and our opinions have changed drastically over this short period of time. Everything seems to be moving so much faster now, even though it appears the world has stopped.