This poster introduces research based information for teaching spelling in the classroom. The focus of the poster further explains “Why is spelling important?” and “How spelling can be effectively implemented into the classroom?” Research was conducted by examining multiple media sources such as textbooks, journal articles, and online databases using the keywords: spelling, strategies, and interventions. The reviewed research showed that spelling correlates with reading, writing, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. Research-based strategies that are effective in the primary classroom include weekly spelling stories, spelling magnet boards, and various spelling games. Incorporating fun word games into a daily or weekly routine helps to reinforce/improve effective spelling habits. A variety of techniques are used to assess spelling. It is important to supplement the assessment with student work to get an accurate picture of a student’s spelling abilities and limitations. It is essential for the teacher to create an effective environment in the classroom to support spelling. An effective environment includes many opportunities for students to practice strategies they have learned and for the teacher to conduct ongoing spelling assessments.


Special Education and Teaching