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A Study in Culture In the past year, this cartoonist has taken it upon himself to show an "indepth" study of several well-known campus figures - the college man, the college woman and the college professor. This week, in tribute to those hard working men and women who constantly strive to bring to our campus the highest form of cultural entertainment, let us make an analytic study of that well-known popular phenomenon - the Rock 'N' Roll Singer.

  1. Gene Autry AC-DC Guitar.
  2. Diamond Ring with special secret compartment which when held up to the light shows a cheesecake photograph of Myrna Loy.
  3. Davy Crockett Charm Bracelet, made from used LSD capsules.
  4. Lipstick (?).
  5. One earring.
  6. Princess Tonie haircut.
  7. Cleopatra eyelashes.
  8. Extra-high pink starched collar.
  9. Badge of Merit (for performing at 500 sock-hops, 1000 high school proms, 100 "Ban the Bomb" marches, 300 draft-card burnings, and one university.)
  10. Powder-blue Moroccan Mohair sweater, extra large (made from an old Moroccan).
  11. Skin-tight white Levis, to illustrate "swishful thinking."
  12. Arthur Godfrey's You Too Can Play instruction booklet.
  13. Pawn ticket for other earring.
  14. Shirley Temple high-heels for the artistic toe-tapping and heel-stomping which enables this fine talent to really "swing" as he presents to this campus its highest achievement in cultural understanding.


Western Kentucky University, editorial cartoons


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