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Theophilus Todd


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First page of letter from Theophilus Todd to his sister Agnes discussing camp life in 1862. Todd served in the 93rd Ohio Infantry and died in 1863.

Camp ____ near Louisville, Ky. 1

Stept. [sic] 19th, 1862

Dear Sister,

Mrs. Arnold arrived here yesterday morning, you had better believe there was some glad eyes not only of her own acquaintances but of almost every one. Although I did not know her at home, when she came here she seemed like an old friend. was very glad to know that you were all well.

Oh carry me backt [sic] when I saw the good things which she brought to me (and the other boys). I knew it would be to if Mother & you had any chance of sending any thing. Oh those peaches & light cakes, if one mess(?) didn’t have a good supper yesterday eve. it was not your fault, I divided one can of peaches, & the cakes with about ten others & they all send there [sic] most sincere thanks to you & mother, it was the first Ohio bread & fruit they had eaten since crossing into Ky. That flanel [sic] shirt & those under shirt & drawes [sic] were most acceptable and timely, as I had worn my flanel [sic] shirt over since you made it, you may think that strange, but when we left Lex[ington] I though I would wait until we got to camp Dick Kolison(?) (where we thought we were going) and then I would put on a clean one. The towel & handk’fs [handkerchiefs] & socks also I needed very much. This morning I dressed up clean & you better believe I feel goode [sic]. I am very thankful also for my pants & shawl, but as I have a good blanket & pants, and we are kept . . .


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