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Henry Sowers


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First page of letter from Henry Sowers to his brother John Sowers. Henry Sowers died in 1863. Few corrections have been made in the spelling or formatting of the letter.

Nov. 9, 1862 Camp at Nicholasville, Ky.

Dear Brother as I am at lesure I though I would write you a few lines & let you know that I am well at present & hope thes[e] few lines will find all the Same at home. John I will have to ask you for a few more favors now John don’t think hard of it for I cant help it We Don’t enjoy the Same Comforts you do at home eating your warm meals Sleeping in warms beds while we Sleep on the ground & eat hard crackers & beans & pork a siting on the ground Still I am willing to Sacrifice Comforts for my Country John Hinamon & I thought we would Send for Some things I did not think that I would have to Send for pants but them we Draw is So poor & not lined So I thought I would get you to Send me a pair you go to merill Merrills he has got my measure & get him to make me a pair be Sure get no other find but blue the Same Color of my Coat that you Sent me go to Merrls & get three leaf kentucky Jeans the Same kind of my Coat if Merrl hasent got eny go to grims have the pants lined with heavy hicory Shirting tell Merrl to cut them a little larger in the legs then [sic] my other blue pants that he made me be Sure & get Merril to make them or grim get no other kind of Cloth but the kentucky Jeans for it wears the best of anything I have Seen John a few knicknacs from you & mother & Sister would be acceptal [acceptable] J John pleas[e] Send me a nother can of Syrup tell mother to Send me one lofe loaf of her good bred & get & tell Matilda to bake me Som ginger bread or eny good to eat or Drink I will be thankfull for if you can Send Send me one or tow [two] botels of ale one pound or tow [two] of fine cut chewing tobaco if I ever get where I can return the Compliment to you I will do so pleas[e] excuse get them things made Soon as possible & Send them I --- forgot I wish you would Send me three pounds of butter & get me Something for a neck hancercheif [handkerchief] Something cheep will do & tell Isarh(?) Jones to tell fred Hinamon to Send John Hinamon three pounds of butter or we will forget how butter tastes you & Isarh can put them all together in box & Send them by express pai the express & take a recist . . .


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