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Request for Black recruits in Kentucky by Deputy Provost Marshall E. M. Angel, 1865. Volunteers received enlistment bonuses, but drafted men did not.

Headquarters Deputy Provost Marshal,
4th Congressional District,
Greensburg Ky Febuary 10, 1865

Dear Sir:

Notice to the Colored Men

I want Colored Recruits and must have 75 or 80 by the first of March 1865 or they will be Drafted and made go into the United States Service

I will give $300 dollars Bounty for three years $200 dollars for two years & One hundred dollars for one year No Bounty for Drafted Men You will will have to go come now and at once to my Office in Greensburg

E M Angel
Dept Prov Marshal
4th Cong Dist Ky


U.S. Civil War 1861-1865, African Americans, Blacks, U.S. Army


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