The Civil War in Primary Resources: An Exhibition by the Special Collections Library


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“Lest We Forget” war statistics used by teachers and school boards, c.1920s-1930s, comparing the Civil War, Spanish American War and World War I.

(Recommended for Perusal by School Teachers and School Boards)

Number of men engaged: CW 2,213,365, SA 458,151, WWI 5,019,874

Number of deaths: CW 349,944, SA over 6,000 + 100,000+ from disease, WWI about 50,000

Average term of service: CW 11 months, SA 14 months, WWI 9 months

Pay of soldier: CW $13 per month with bonus of $300 to $600, SA $15.00 no bonus, WWI $30 & $15 to wife and parents, $7.50 to each child

War cost to US: CW $8,500,000,000 including slaves and burned cities, SA 1,200,000,000 including payment to Spain; $8,000,000,000 and earnings for 26 years, WWI $50,168,625,707 and still mounting

Per Cent of men, women & children freed as result of war based on population:

Revolutionary War 12.68 per cent, Civil War 11.31 per cent, Spanish American War 31.93 per cent


U.S. Civil War 1861-1865, World War I, Spanish American War


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